Self-Directed IRAs provide the same tax advantages and are subject to the same eligibility requirements and contribution limits as standard IRAs (Traditional and Roth), but they have two key differences: they provide you with the ability to invest in alternative assets and give you checkbook-control. We partner with your self-directed plan provider to make your experience simple and easy, while giving you every opportunity to maximize your retirement savings.

Self-directed checking accounts:

Solo 401(k) and Self-Directed IRAs provide you with flexibility. This type of account gives the customer discretion with their investments and complete checkbook control. We make things as simple as writing a check or swiping your debit card.

Non-Recourse Financing:

Give your retirement investment a boost by leveraging our lending program. We can finance your investment in a single-family home, multi-family property (up to 4 units), condominium or townhome held in your Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401(k).

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You’ll also benefit from:

Higher mobile deposit limits, secure incoming and outgoing wire transfer process, checks, debit cards, online banking, personalized support from our self-directed team.

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