Custodial IRA:

Prefer the simplicity of having Solera National Bank custody your IRA? Solera stands out as a leader in the self-directed industry. We’ve developed proprietary and specialized services to meet your unique retirement needs. We will facilitate transfers, rollovers and all pertinent tax forms.

Helpful IRA Documents, For Solera Custodial IRA account holders only:

After completing your documents, you can refer to this Help Document on how to upload to our secure online portal. Need more help? Contact us at IRA Transfers.


How to enroll in online banking for your selfdirected checking account:

Important Note: Before you enroll in online banking you must first sign your account documents, including any IRA documents if applicable.

Click the link to get started: Enrollment

  • STEP 1: Your first step will include reviewing and agreeing to the Electronic Disclosure Consent Statement
  • STEP 2: Then, read and agree to the Internet Banking Agreement & Disclosure
  • STEP 3: Please fill out each required box on page 1

    This information is specific to your plan. If you need information related to your plan, like your EIN, please refer to your plan documents. As you enter in your information related to your account, please reference your account documents we sent to you.

  • STEP 4: You will need to then select an access ID and a Passcode. Please be sure to review the requirements in yellow. Then take the time to create 3 security verification questions  
  • STEP 5: You will then have the opportunity to review the information you entered for accuracy.

    Then follow the steps to confirm you're not a robot and submit

After you enroll, we will review your application for online banking, and we will approve within 3 days. Contact us at for any questions. Thank you!

Using the right contact below will save you time and will make your communication with us effective:

  • New Customers - If you are a brand new customer or your would like to open an additional account for an existing entity or a new entity please reach out to our Applications Team:
  • Existing Customer - If you are an existing customer and you have general questions about your account or your transactions (wires, check order, debit card order, ACH), please reach out to our Customer Support Team:
  • IRA Transfers - If you are a customer with an IRA that we custody and you have questions about your IRA and the transactions associated with your IRA transfers/rollovers/contributions/distributions, please reach out to our IRA Transfers Team:
  • Additional Questions - If you would like to address a concern and you’ve been in touch with our team already, please contact a senior leader on our team at:
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