Use Solera National Bank's cash management services to help you make the most of your investment potential, increase your office efficiencies, and improve your cash flow.

Online Banking

Access all of our Treasury Management Services via our online banking portal. It’s an easy and secure way to monitor all your bank accounts and conduct transactions.

Account Analysis

Receive detailed account activity reports and a competitive earnings credit to offset monthly service charges.

Combined Account Analysis

Have multiple deposit accounts?  Even better, we’ll aggregate your service charges and earnings credits from multiple checking accounts to ensure you get the most power out of your money!

Commercial Sweep

Our Commercial Sweep automates the management of your funds.  You’ll establish a target balance for your checking account and any excess funds will automatically be routed to pay down lines of credit (and reduce your interest expense) or transferred to an interest-bearing deposit account (to generate interest income).

Remote Deposit

Solera DepositXpress makes depositing business checks effortless.  No need to get in the car and fight traffic.  Just scan your checks from your office and transmit the images electronically to Solera.  We’ll process your transaction and you’ll see the funds in your account within 24 hours – just as fast as if you hand-delivered the deposit! 

ACH Origination

ACH origination allows you to automatically receive payments from customers, manage payroll and make automated payments to vendors.

Payroll Direct Deposit

A valuable payroll management service, payroll direct deposit gives you tools for reporting and tracking, filing federal tax payments, and electronic filing W-2s.

Merchant Services

When comparing service providers for processing your debit and credit card transactions, you'll quickly find not all merchant processors are alike. We'll guide you through the often-complex process of setting up merchant services and we’ll make sure you receive the ongoing support you need.

Fraud Services:

ACH Filters
Limit exposure to unauthorized electronic transfers out of your account by setting filters to control the payees and dollar amounts of ACH debits.

Positive Pay
Prevent fraudulent checks from posting to your account by setting up our automated positive pay service.  Only checks that you issue will be paid on the account.

Secure Lock
The SecurLock Equip app gives you the ability to control your debit card security settings from a supported mobile device. 

Business Debit Card

A Solera debit card can help streamline expense reports and account reconcilement, enable your sales force to achieve greater efficiency, and allow you to establish different credit limits for different employees. You may order business debit cards for as many key people as you like.

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