Checking accounts are essential tools you'll use throughout your personal journey. It needs to suit the way YOU live your life. Saving regularly is the most reliable path to financial security. Solera National Bank offers several interest-bearing savings accounts to help you achieve your financial goals. Compare your choices:

Solera Simple Checking

A Simple checking solution for your basic checking needs.

Solera Interest Checking

Earn competitive interest rate on your checking account balance.

Traditional Savings

If setting aside money for the future is important to you, a Traditional Savings account could be the answer. With this account, you'll earn interest while keeping your funds both safe and accessible.

Discovery Savings

A smart way for customers age 17 and younger to earn interest and begin a lifetime savings habit. Both the minor and a parent or guardian must sign to open the Discovery Savings Account.

Money Market Account

A smart option for customers maintaining a higher balance, the Money Market account keeps your funds secure and within easy reach in case you need them. And the higher your account balance, the higher your interest rate.

Surcharge Free Network

We value you as a customer and we want you to have access to your money free of charge at as many ATM’s as possible. That’s why we have joined the Allpoint network. Allpoint offers access to over 55,000 ATM’s worldwide.

Find an ATM now.

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